How CBD Tinctures Help the Athletes

Cannabidiol (CBD) is fast becoming an anchor in the world of health and wellness. The use of CBD is on the rise to help with a wide variety of...
CBD Tinctures for Athletes

Cannabidiol (CBD) is fast becoming an anchor in the world of health and wellness. The use of CBD is on the rise to help with a wide variety of issues.

If you are new to CBD oils and products, it is important to recognize and understand the details of dosage and treatment. If you want an effective and effective CBD treatment plan; There are several factors to take into account. Use this guide to help inform your own opinions and decisions surrounding CBD dosages.

Quality, potency, and purity of the CBD product

Find a business you can trust

The first, and probably the most critical factor, is to use a CBD company you can trust. You want to find a high-quality brand that uses Premium Hemp / CBD plants. The company should have a consistent and reliable track record of appropriate testing and analysis.

Select a product type

Once you trust the company, it’s time to select the type of product. CBD oils and tinctures tend to be the most popular option. But you can also choose from a variety of edibles, topicals, and even smokables. The most consistent CBD patients usually choose a Premium CBD tincture. If you are not sure which product to choose – tinctures are always a safe bet.

Select a power

The next decision is to select the potency of CBD in the product. This number is almost always noted in milligrams. Look for a label or area marked with 100mg, 500mg, or something similar. Be careful not to confuse this number with the volume, which is noted in milliliters (ml)

Purity CBD-isolates vs “whole-plant” products

One more thing to consider is if the product is pure CBD only – or if mixed with other cannabinoids. Some CBD products are labeled as “whole plant,” which means they likely contain multiple cannabinoids. Others are labeled as 100 pure CBD isolates, which do not include other cannabinoids. As most would assume; isolates of 100 often suggest a lower dose is needed.

The next thing you need to consider is yourself as an individual.

CBD Tinctures Help the Athletes

Size, tolerance, and genetics

We are all unique snowflakes. CBD will not affect everyone in the same way. Your height, weight, age, genetics, and even personal behavioral history all play a role in the effects of CBD.

CBD dosages typically correlate with weight

No surprise here. In most cases, CBD dosages correlate with weight. Smaller females may experience effects at low doses like 5-10 milligrams. Meanwhile, fat males may need 50+ milligrams for the same effect. The next section of this guide will give you some starting points based on your weight and desired effect.

Be aware of your tolerance to CBD over time

One of the more invisible factors to consider is your personal tolerance for CBD. Like most substances, the more CBD you use, the higher your recommended dosage will be. If you’ve never used cannabis or CBD products, you will have virtually zero tolerance and a very low dosage required. A consistent daily user would have a high tolerance and require a higher dose to experience the same effects.

Prepare for randomness and genetics

Another factor that you have no control over is your genetics. Everyone will be affected differently by CBD. In general, we experience typical “bell curve average” results. Most of us will be affected in the same way – but it’s always important to remember the outliers. Some people may have a high sensitivity to cannabinoids and CBD; they would require a very small dose. Other people may have extremely strong resistance to CBD; they would require a much higher dosage. While the dosages and effects will generally be about the same for most of us – remember there is always the random wild card of genetics to play.

Dosage for the desired effect

The final factor to consider is, what are you using CBD for? Depending on the desired effect, the dosage could vary widely. The multi-purpose versatility of CBD products leaves room for a wide range of use. Some people use CBD daily like a vitamin. Others use it as a reactive treatment for specific injuries, symptoms, or illnesses. Here are some popular treatment considerations and the average dose associated with each.

General health and well-being (5-20mg)

Use a small amount of CBD per day for an overall boost in health and well-being. This type of dosage is usually available in a tincture or a small capsule of CBD. Oral ingestion or topical products are suggested for this type of use.

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Try CBD as an alternative to pain relievers with a consistent daily dosage. This strategy is particularly effective for constant chronic pain. Although CBD can help reduce pain for immediate injuries – it is not the most effective. Bad backs, sore knees, and any other everyday boredom you experience could benefit from treatment for CBD.