The simple question “what are hookah pens?” doesn’t really have as simple a solution as you would possibly like. In a basic sense, they’re precisely the same as ordinary...

The simple question “what are hookah pens?” doesn’t really have as simple a solution as you would possibly like. In a basic sense, they’re precisely the same as ordinary vape pens: they’re devices that vaporize a flavored liquid employing a battery-powered heating coil and a wick.

A chargeable hookah pen is actually precisely the same as a vape pen. However, an electronic hookah is ordinarily a touch bit different. Most of them are e hookah, so you simply use them once and throw them away when they’re done.

Types of Hookah Pens

The top-rated hookah pen list reflects the range in several e-hookah devices you see on the market. Some rechargeable hookah pen options have “hose” like designs that make them more sort of a traditional hookah, some are more accurately described as an electronic hookah bowl, others are disposable options that are available a good range of hookah pen flavors but haven’t any nicotine, et al. are really just vape pens under a unique name.

• Disposable Hookah/Shisha pens

Disposable Hookah/Shisha pens are designed for straightforward use without having to need the pen apart. The pens are portable and should be used anywhere that smoking is allowed. Prepackaged with different flavors, disposable Hookah pens typically offer between 250 and 500 puffs. The number of winds can increase, relying on the brand. A puff is measured by a 1-second drag from the hookah pen. Once the portable Hookah is used, it’s often disposed of with no problem.

• Rechargeable and refillable Hookah pens

Rechargeable and refillable Hookah pens are made to return apart so that the cartridge is usually refilled with the e-liquid when there is no more. The heating coil inside the atomizer is generally replaced too, as they do not tend to last very long. Rechargeable and refillable Hookah/Shisha pens can last for an extended time with the proper care. Charging your Hookah pen can vary relying on the brand of your device. There will be instructions alongside your purchase to elucidate the thanks to taking it apart correctly and, therefore, the recognition of charging it.

• Starter kits

Starter kits are made for your convenience when it involves just learning to smoke Hookah or for maintaining your Hookah/Shisha pen. Most starter kits include a Clearomizer (a transparent cartridge for the flavoring liquid), extra batteries, a charger, and sometimes a bottle of e-liquid. Various brands will contain less or more of the different materials needed for a Hookah pen.

Starter kits

Typical Flavors

There is a food of liquid flavors that are available for the Hookah/Shisha pens. The foremost appeal to smoking Hookah/Shisha pens is the candy-like flavorings like the fantasia hookah pen. They need a bent to be fruitier than anything. Unique flavors are often found, but a variety of the common flavors include:

  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon
  • Mint
  • Pineapple
  • Blueberry
  • Apple
  • Kiwi
  • Grape
  • Punch
  • Coffee

How to Smoke a Hookah Vape Pen

So now you recognize what a hookah pen is and what the likely risks are, the following question is, “how does one use them?” the solution is thankfully very simple. For many disposable hookah pen devices, they work a bit like “cigarlike” e-cigarettes, therein all you’ve got to try to do is inhale from the tip to start out vaping. Start with a couple of quick puffs to heat up the coil then take a slower, longer drag to urge a considerable amount of vapor.

For “manual” hookah pen devices that use a button, the method remains very easy. Firstly, make sure the tank is filled with e-liquid, then leave it five or ten minutes to soak into the wick. When you’re able to vape, you merely press and hold down the button as you inhale. On some devices, you’ve got the choice of adjusting the airflow, so you’ll close it down for a tighter, cigarette-like draw or open it up for an airier draw more like what you’d expect from a hookah pipe.

Bottom Line

Although the kinds of devices in our most excellent e-hookah pen list vary quite a lot in what they will do and who they’re intended for, there are plenty of great options out there if you recognize where to seem. Finding an easy disposable e-hookah may be a good introduction to the planet of vaping, and a reliable choice if you’re just trying to find a quick nicotine-free vape. But if you’re serious about switching to vaping, learning one among the rechargeable hookah pen devices listed above can make all the difference.

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