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    How Do I Know What Cannabis Strains to Smoke for Lose Weight?

    You either love or hate the munchies, which are a common side effect of many varieties of cannabis. It is hypothesized that when we consume cannabis, our brain’s receptors light up, releasing hormones that make us feel like we’re hungry to death. Although its appetite-stimulating effects may not be...
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    Top 8 Cannabis Strains for Home Growers

    Making sure the light cycles are right, providing adequate nutrition, and monitoring for nutritional deficiencies are just a few of the many considerations for a beginner grower. While growing marijuana isn’t exactly a walk in the park, there are some strains that are more robust and productive in the...
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    White Widow feminized seeds are one of the most beautiful cannabis strains

    Thousands of marijuana strains have been identified, hybridized, and smoked over the years. No other strain has probably achieved the legendary status of White Widow. To this day, the origin of this strain is unknown.White Widow feminized is one of the most beautiful cannabis strains now available.Long before the...