Many questions are surrounding medical cannabis. Legal issues and social stigma have both led to tons of confusion. Plus, when you are concerned about your health or a loved...

Many questions are surrounding medical cannabis. Legal issues and social stigma have both led to tons of confusion. Plus, when you are concerned about your health or a loved one’s health, it is reasonable to possess tons of questions.

Is Medical Cannabis Legal?

As of early 2020, over half the states within the US have legalized medical marijuana, and lots of those states have also legalized or decriminalized recreational marijuana use. If you reside during a state that has legalized medical marijuana, then you’ll Plough ahead and ask your doctor about your options.

If your state has not legalized it yet, then keep an eye fixed out for brand spanking new laws and regulations. A day is another step closer to full legalization. We will probably see federal legalization before all fifty states reach that time on their own.

However, we do know that not everyone can afford to attend that long. Stand certainly could not have waited that long if he had lived during a state without legalization. If your state has not legalized medical marijuana yet, you are still having options. One of those options is an extended stay in a state that has legalized medical cannabis while you get treatment.

Another option is to pursue cannabis and hemp products that contain minimal THC. Believe CBD, for instance. Hemp-based CBD products are legal altogether in fifty states, and they are not challenging to get. Just confirm that your CBD products come from a reputable source, and confirm that you search for medical-grade products.

Lately, you’ll find CBD products in ordinary grocery stores, but not every CBD product is made equal. They need different levels of purity and potency. you’ll start by finding out products that have our Seal of Approval. We only approve products that meet our high standards.


Why Medical Cannabis For Cancer?

There are two big reasons why people use medical cannabis for cancer, especially when other options do not show results. The primary reason is that THC sends messages to cancer cells, sending them into apoptosis. Apoptosis may be a state that causes cancer cells to destroy themselves while leaving the encompassing healthy tissue alone.

The second reason is that medical cannabis can complement traditional cancer treatment options. As our founders learned while researching options for Stan, tons of cancer patients die not from cancer itself but the resulting malnutrition. Cancer certainly does not help the appetite, and chemotherapy causes appetite loss and nausea also. THC, however, stimulates the appetite and fights off nausea, which lets cancer patients get the nutrition they have during treatment.

Do I Want A Prescription For Medical Cannabis?

You will not need a prescription intrinsically, but you do need a doctor’s approval to use medical marijuana products that contain THC. As of early 2020, the FDA has approved two medical marijuana drugs for seizure disorders, and people specific drugs do require a prescription. For other medical cannabis uses, including cannabis for cancer, you will need a written recommendation from your doctor.

Counting on the state where you reside, you will also need a medical marijuana card. Search your state’s laws on the matter before you start. Once you’ve got your written recommendation or marijuana card, you’ll visit a medical cannabis dispensary to seek out the products that you need.

What If My Beloved Cannot Leave The House?

Am I able to help them get medical cannabis? Yes. If your beloved is confined to their bed or home thanks to terminal illness or mobility issues, you’ll get something called a caregiver’s permit. This permit allows you to buy medical cannabis products on your loved one’s behalf.

I Am Not Too Fond Of Smoking

Am I able to still enjoy medical cannabis, or will there be less of an impact? You do not need to roll a joint, light a pipe with torch lighters, and smoke cannabis to urge the complete health impact. Smoking is perhaps the smallest amount of health thanks to consuming cannabis. Therefore the combustion can make cannabis less potent than it’d be otherwise. Most medical cannabis users prefer other methods like vaporizing, eating, taking pills, or using tinctures. New options are emerging all the time, so search for the one that works best for your needs and lifestyle.

Bottom Line

Listed above are the most often asked questions. If you do not get all of the answers you would like from this list, be happy to browse some medical cannabis website for answers. Also, contact and consult a medical cannabis doctor with your questions. They would be happy to possess a conversation and point you in the right direction.



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