CBD and Its Quantity For Your Body

Hemp seeds from Europe were planted in Chile in 1545. However, observations of colonizers showed that there was a local variety on the continent, considered better than the European...

Hemp seeds from Europe were planted in Chile in 1545. However, observations of colonizers showed that there was a local variety on the continent, considered better than the European one. But if you want to know How much CBD should I take? Then the options are there too.

George Washington himself supported cannabis cultivation in North America, and even for a short time, he did it himself. Until the 20th century, cannabis was popular across the continent, whole plantations were made, but in 1937, the government passed a tax bill imposing high fees on all persons who were involved in the production or industrial use of cannabis. The US treasury secretary and his large investment in the production and development of nylon technology are considered the reason for the introduction of such a law. With the advent of World War II, cannabis was re-popularized, mainly for the production of uniforms, ropes, and canvas.

Cannabis cultivation in Poland

Due to the wide use of hemp (construction, clothing, and food industries) in the period between 1913 and 1939 in Poland, as much as 30,000 hectares of hemp were grown. This number continued in the 1960s. Most crops were located in the Lublin province. However, producers have lost interest in cannabis. In 1980, it was only 5,000, and in 10 years this number decreased to 1-thousand. The least number of cannabis in Poland was grown in 2014 – only 66 hectares. However, now the market is experiencing its rebirth, and farmers are increasingly interested in the cultivation of hemp seeds. Those that do not contain the psychoactive substance THC, because this variety is consistent with the assumptions of the anti-drug law in Poland. It is only in this form that large-scale cultivation of cannabis is legal,

What can be obtained from hemp – industry

Cannabis belongs to really effective plants – practically every part of the plant has a specific application for humans. The fibers are used in the furniture and automotive industry, mainly for creating elements that must be both light and resistant. Hemp fibers are often found in the clothing industry. Even the destiny for a cannabis stem that was previously treated as waste was discovered. Now it is used in construction, and more specifically as a component for heating homes, thus replacing mineral wool. But How much CBD should I take? Do you know that? Let’s see.

Cannabis on the grocery market

However, the most valuable are the health values of cannabis, and more specifically the oil from its seeds. Hemp preparations have gained popularity in Poland relatively recently, and most of them are imported from other EU countries, including from France. Fortunately, cannabis is more and more profitable to grow in Poland due to market demand and subsidies that farmers can count on. They themselves regard hemp as a trend that has a much better chance of permanently gaining on the Polish market than kale or rape.

Difference between hemp oil, CBD oil?

Hemp oil (food) does not contain CBD, because it is made of hemp seeds, whereas CBD oil is not produced from the extraction of seeds, but from a paste obtained from flowers, stems and leaves in which CBD occurs. This results in a healthy and full-value product, far from refined vegetable oils. Before buying CBD oil, however, you need to make sure that it is properly labeled. The consumer should know exactly what cannabinoids are found in given oil, and he should know their concentration. In the case of the discussed oil, the most interesting is the amount of cannabis – on the market we can find oils from CBD in concentrations from a few to a dozen or so percent.

Hemp oil – what does it look like?

Hemp seeds are very oily – around 30%. Oil harvesting is therefore profitable, and hemp flour can be obtained from the dry matter. Hemp oil has a slightly green color, the taste is slightly bitter, and its scent contains spicy and nutty notes. The composition includes:

  • about 20-25% omega-3 polyunsaturates,
  • about 60-65% of polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acids,
  • about 10% monounsaturates

The ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 is 3: 1 – this ratio is considered optimal by many physicians. It is worth paying attention to because in our diet there is a growing lack of food that ensures the balance between fatty acids. Oils with the most unfavorable proportions can have up to 40 times more pro-inflammatory omega-6 than anti-inflammatory omega-3.


In hemp oil, we find vitamins such as A, C, E, and B. They have a very beneficial effect on our body. They ensure the good condition of the cells, improve the functioning of the endocrine system, and also take care of the immune system. Vitamins A and E are known as vitamin vitamins that strongly nourish the skin and hair. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, a component that purifies and rejuvenates our body, and fights with free radicals. On the other hand, vitamins from group B affect the mental system and efficient brain function. Cannabis oil contains vitamin K. It has two important health properties, as it regulates blood clotting and has antibacterial properties. Although the body rarely lacks vitamin K, it is worth to take care of its proper level – otherwise, serious complications may arise, as, for example, for spontaneous bleeding within the body. Due to the high concentration of vitamin K in hemp oil, it is a preparation recommended to women complaining of painful and abundant menstruation.

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