Space Cake is a kind of edible cannabis. It can be any cake, pastry, bread, or generically any baked cake that is made with cannabis butter. Space cakes, like...
Space Cake

Space Cake is a kind of edible cannabis. It can be any cake, pastry, bread, or generically any baked cake that is made with cannabis butter. Space cakes, like any other kind of cannabis edible, run the extent of THC levels and other ingredients. Most consumers of space cakes undergo the state of body highs that can last for quite a while.

Some people contend that authentic Space Cakes are made only with hash and not any other type of cannabis products. Recipes abound online and in print with hundreds of variations and latent ingredients. There are as many various varieties of possible Space Cakes as any other common baked goods.

A space cake is as formidable as it seems. Think of your favorite cake, but infused with cannabis. Pretty much every coffeeshop in Amsterdam will serve space cakes in one form or another, and they have grown more popular with those who desire to reach that high, but sensibly and deliciously.

Space Cake Effects

The effects of eating a Space Cake, like most cannabis edibles, are late; overdosing has a high probability, particularly when consuming them for the first time. It can take more than an hour to occur to feel it kick in. As such, caution should be taken to not over-consume.

Numerous online forums exist explaining the potential dangers of eating too much Space Cake, which types to avoid, were in Amsterdam to purchase them, etc. First-time consumers are advised to start small, know what you are getting, and be around trusted friends in case you do unintentionally consume too much.

Space Cake High Experience

Spacecake high can be insignificantly different in comparison to when you smoke a barneys farm joint. You may feel more complicated and basically, it’s heavier. You also do not manage this high that much. When you smoke cannabis then you feel it instantly, and you can get high slowly.

But with space cake, it can kick in at once with all its power. Also when you consider that you are almost done with this high, it may not certainly be the truth. This high may take several minutes or hours. In the end, you have this bit of a cake in your stomach and digestion takes some time.

Selecting Marijuana Strain

Space Cake High depends also on a strain of marijuana they were made from.

• Indica

By using Indica you feel pretty comfortable, mentally as well as physically. It reduces pain and enhances appetite. It also improves your dopamine levels, so you feel more comfortable and happy. Indica is practiced most of the time in the twilight.

• Sativa

Sativa high is somewhat distinctive. It’s more energizing and used in the daytime. It boosts your serotonin levels. It’s frequently used as an antidepressant and it can aid with anxiety.

The Space Cake Experience In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a fantastic, vibrant city and is also the capital of the Netherlands. While it has gained notoriety for its marijuana cafes it is also one of the oldest cities in Europe and boasts a huge amount of culture.

One of the best things you can do while there is head on down to one or two of the famous coffee houses for a hit of culture and a great space cake experience.

• Barney’ Breakfast Bar

This is one is great for early risers since it opens earlier than most coffee houses and also serves (as one would assume from the name) fantastic space cakes breakfasts. Also, since they’re up near the train station, Barney’s is a good place to go when you first hit the town and nothing else has opened yet.

• Stone’s Corner

Choose from two locations in the Red Light District: the first is large and barlike, whereas the second is smaller and more stylish, rather like a lounge. This is another great spot for people watching while waiting for the high to calm down. It has a huge glass window facing out into a busy pedestrian street.

• Abraxis

Hidden in a tiny alley near the Dam Square, this coffee house has three gorgeous wood-paneled floors to hang out in. If you head up to the top small, you will find it is decorated with live marijuana plants, which can be a thrill to newcomers. The ambiance is lovely and the view from the top is wonderful. If you’re not afraid of heights, skip up to the top floor and look down through the glass partition all the way down to the ground floor!

• Homegrown Fantasy

With a bit of a modern art museum vibe, this is an unusual but charming place. While easy to miss if you don’t know where it is, inside it is roomy and comfortable. This is a fairly well-kept secret, located in a not particularly touristy street.

• Baba

A great little shop with lovely views out across the Warmoesstraat in the Red-Light District. They open at approximately 8 am good for late coffee and space cake experience. If you’re not a huge fan of trance or house music, maybe this won’t be your cup of tea, but for those who love it, it’s paradise, especially when you’re consuming an Indica space cake.

• La Canna

A large, impressive coffee house boasting three floors, a billiards room, restaurant and even rooms to rent! The service is particularly good, and this is a great place for people-watching: just find yourself a seat by the second-floor windows for a great view out over the busy streets.

• Hill Street Blues

If Baba happens to be packed, no problem because this place is only about 30 seconds down the road. It’s a great place to sit and relax, particularly as the backroom has such lovely views over the Central Station harbor. If you feel like a game of pool, head down to the games room downstairs.

• Rokerij

Part of a small chain with four locations in the city. The original location is probably the best, boasting great service, wonderful food and drinks, and a classy, Indian-themed atmosphere. Just pay attention when looking for it, or you might miss it!

• Tops Coffeeshop

A little out of the distance, but well worth it! The staff are usually very friendly and helpful, the sound system is good, food and drink are great and best of all, you have a fantastic view of the Prinsengracht. During summer the front doors open up and the outdoor seating imparts a glorious summery atmosphere.

Bottom line

Space cakes can be considered strong and because people who do not use any sort of cannabis periodically underestimate their intensity, this may end up pretty bad. Many individuals may feel anxiety, depression, panic attacks by consuming cannabis too much. This is not an enjoyable experience and it won’t go away instantly.