Why You Should Still Use Regular Marijuana Seeds

Cannabis growing today has definitely evolved from what it used to be. While early growers and old-time gardens made full use of regular marijuana seeds as their only option,...
Marijuana Seeds

Cannabis growing today has definitely evolved from what it used to be. While early growers and old-time gardens made full use of regular marijuana seeds as their only option, the weed markets today now offer varieties such as feminized or even auto-flowering marijuana seeds. This leads people to believe that regular marijuana seeds have become obsolete and are no longer a viable choice for cultivating cannabis. However, this could not be farther from the truth! Despite the development of other advanced types of marijuana seeds, regular ones can still hold their own!

You can still gain and learn a few things through the use of regular marijuana seeds. As they are the traditional way of getting things done in a cannabis crop, it is hard to ever see them going out of style. In this article, we are going to explain why regular seeds still hold some significance in the marijuana scene.

What Are Regular Marijuana Seeds?

Long before feminized and auto-flowering variants took over the markets, the only option that growers had was using regular seeds. These are basically the other type of photoperiod marijuana seed (with the other one being feminized seeds) that is used for cannabis cultivation. It is traditional in every way, often being the main choice for old-timers who are still in the business.

Regular seeds are cannabis seeds in their most organic and natural forms. Without undergoing any type of human interference or processes, regular seeds grow and develop in the way that nature intended them to.

How are they different?

The main difference between regular marijuana seeds lies in the way that they flower. Many of you may already know this but here is a general summary of it: regular seeds carry the ability (or risk, as others would call it) to sprout either male or female cannabis plants. With a 50%-50% chance of your seeds ending up male or female, these types of seeds bring the risk and danger of pollination.

Male plants will generally produce pollen sacs and seed-filled cannabis buds. These buds are unfit for consumption as they tend to carry only a very minimal amount of THC. On the other hand, females develop pistils and seedless marijuana buds known as sinsemilla. These female buds are often used for consumption as they contain high doses of THC and trichomes.

As for their functions, male plants lean more towards breeding and seed development whereas females are the main ones used for commercial or personal use and smoking. Once male plants start spreading their pollen grains through pollination, this contaminates the females and subsequently converts them into seed-bearing plants.

Because these seed-bearing females will no longer be good for consumption as they lose potency in exchange for seed-developing abilities, growers will normally separate males from females before pollination. This is usually done at the pre-flower stage in order to still end up with resinous female weed buds.

Why Should I Use Regular Marijuana Seeds?

Marijuana Seeds

After reading the section above, it seems like a big risk to opt for regular marijuana seeds. The presence of male plants can virtually ruin your crop and leave you with a pretty useless batch if you are not into seed breeding! However, there is actually more to regular marijuana seeds than that!

Here, we list down some of the most beneficial features of regular seeds and why we think they are still as useful as ever!

  • Like we said, regular seeds aren’t all that useful to casual growers. However, if you are a seed breeder who likes experimenting on crossbreeding and hybrid strains, regular seeds are your safest bet! The natural composition that they carry brings purely strong genetics for healthy and robust strains.
  • Regular cannabis plants, in general, are extremely strong and durable. Their roots tend to develop very quickly and the branches that they have are capable of withstanding strong winds and extreme climates. They are an overall healthy type of plant that can act great as parent strains or even for clones!
  • Because they come with no human interference whatsoever, regular marijuana seeds will have some very high THC levels and potent buds. In fact, the buds from regular seeds are known to be of the best quality!
  • Familiarizing yourself with how to differentiate and subsequently pluck out male plants makes for a better experience earned when growing cannabis plants. Yes, it is a little more demanding but who doesn’t want a little challenge, right? It’s sort of like learning how to drive a manual transmission vehicle first before entering the world of automatic cars.
  • Lastly, a lot of classic and legendary strains will yield the best results when they come from regular marijuana seeds! Because of the natural and organic makeup, nothing will come in between getting the best potency and highs from these well-established bad boys!

A lot of things in this world are capable of withstanding the tests of time and regular seeds are, without a doubt, one of these. As more and more people across the world venture into the experience of cannabis growing, using regular seeds should definitely be something that they do at least once!

More appreciation is owed to regular marijuana seeds. Despite the rise of feminized and auto-flowering seeds overshadowing their use, you can still get your hands on regular seeds pretty easily!